5 Best Web Designing Tips

5 Best Web Designing Tips

Certain website designing tips like proper keyword research, social media integration, proper use of images etc are useful and can bring better profits. A well designed website is important for increasing online visibility as at the end that is directly proportional to your online product sale. Web quality design India service providers are sure to improve your website’s SEO and therefore online traffic. The following article can be useful to all the website designers as there are useful strategies that can be really useful.

They are:

Keyword analysis:

Keyword research is definitely the most essential segment of SEO and of course quality web design. The prime requirement of a successful website is a content that is unique and also has all the relevant information. Go for keyword research as that will let to target your area of interest and you will surely get better results. Keywords should be present in the URL, body text, page title, page headlines, and images alt tag for a successful website. Include keywords and phrases that you want people to search your website with. There are various SEO tools available for keyword research. You can make use of any one like the Google Keyword Planner Tool, Google Webmaster Tool etc.

Page URLs:

Make sure of creating a good anchor text and make use of keywords in the URLs the rank depends on the text of the URL. It should be kept in mind that URLs can support navigation and the while ranking search engines make use of the URLs as well.

Optimisation of the Image:

Images are one thing that most web designers overlook and keep using many images in the website without looking into the basic SEO tactics. Image names and file names should be descriptive, so that search engines notice them. Make use of alt tags and anchor text that are descriptive.

Friendly navigation menu:

This is one of the most important factors. A user friendly navigation menu not only lets the website visitor browse through your website easily but also lets the search engines do the same. You can make use of CSS to improve the navigation in your website. Using flash, image based navigation or Java script is indeed a bad idea no matter how attractive that makes your website look.

Use of social media:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are much more than just connecting to your friends. They are online marketing resources that can used to generate profits. You would be able to reach to not only friends but the friends of friends as well and their friends and so on. You can post and share your website and blogs also.

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